Wooden Pallets, Canvas, Pottery, Wine glass painting, Henna tattoos and much more... come explore!

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$89 - The Woody Wagon with Tree has arrived at it's favorite destination - Paint Ur Peace art studio.  Comes complete with light kit and multicolored pin lights. Call to purchase TODAY! You may come and paint whenever you get some free time, we can hold them for you. Only a few available, will not last long!!!

​​  NEVER pay a studio fee at Paint Ur Peace!!!  

 Lighted Christmas trees available in   different sizes 18, 13 and 10 inches. We   have the BEST prices on these trees!

 Variety of ornaments, plates, mugs, bowls   etc available to paint as presents for   Christmas. Stop by today to get them   back  in time for the holidays...

         A B C P: Any Body Can Paint

       is our Mantra at Paint Ur Peace!

Hours for FUN
​*WE close 1 hour early if there are no painters in the studio in the last hour*

Mon - Tues CLOSED! 
Wed - 11 am to 8:00 pm*
Thurs - 11:00 am to 8:00 pm*
Fri - 11 pm to 8:00 pm*
Sat - 11 am to 9 pm*
Sunday - 1 pm to 7 pm*
Kindly check Google or Yelp for updated hours for that day/week.
Sometimes, hours may differ from what's posted above due to off- site events. Thanks!